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of desiring to nature

 TRUEGRASSES designs and elaborates green products with a new concept : 


Bring Nature into Culture

 We believe that ECO shall be our future culture. The connotation of Truegrasses products with natural grasses denotes a Nature & Culture philosophy : we hope people shall respect nature by understanding more in climate change, climate impact and climate action (C.I.A.).

Our culture develops with nature together in a sustainable and balanced relationship. 

Design Concept

TRUEGRASSES develops a unique and innovative Nature & Culture green products by collaborating natural grasses with modern craftsmanship and ECO + ART design concept. 

Truegrasses brings nature into your cultural life and presents an ECO vision, with gentle tactile impression and light grass scent.

Throughout the processes of design, manufacture and packaging, Truegrasses always echoes climate action, and follows the principles of Reduce Carbon, Reduce Plastic. 

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